Zach's Story
Mar 21, 2013

Never Give Up!!Zach was diagnosed with autism with mild mental retardation back in 1989.  He was 3 at the time we received our news.  There ...


Aidan's Story
Mar 21, 2013

It Takes A Village“It takes a village” is the old saying about raising a child. This can't be more true than when raising a child with special nee...


Jessie's Story
Sep 19, 2012

By: Dayne AlexanderWhen she was very young, Jessie Jackson developed in much the same way as others her age. When she was five years old, Jessie could...

Ben and Lacey

Ben’s Story
Sep 13, 2012

By Ben's Family"We'll just have to love him more!" was my five-year-old's response to my explanation of what having Down syndrome would mean for her n...


Protecting Your Assets & Your Child: Wills and Special Needs Trusts
Sep 13, 2012

We Thought We had more time! By Julie DavisOn July 30, 2010 the reality of procrastination crashed down in my life. My husband, Richard, was kill...

Dillon and sister

A Family’s Special Story
Sep 13, 2012

My husband and I already had a healthy girl who was 4 1/2 years old when we decided to try to have another child. After 3 unsuccessful years of trying...

Courtney and Yosef

Courtney Bell’s Story
Sep 13, 2012

By Dayne AlexanderCourtney Bell is a first year student at Appalachian State University, and it is clear that she loves being in college. She is very ...