Joshua: Run the Spooky Duke for Me

“Life is beautiful; enjoy the journey”

My name is Joshua and I am 25. I was born prematurely and I was airlifted to Brenner’s hospital at 3 months old. I only weighed 3 pounds! I have cerebral palsy, am non-verbal, and use a wheelchair to be mobile but I have not let that stop me from enjoying life. I love talking with my eye- gaze communication device! I love going to music concerts, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the movie, Rio. While I cannot run, I love going for walks on the Greenway with my mom. With my family, I can enjoy life! Life is beautiful; enjoy the journey!

Joshua and his family have been involved with of Parent to Parent Family Support Network-HC for over 3 years!

With your support of the Spooky Duke Race you are helping Joshua and others receive the information, support, resources, education, and awareness of special needs in our 7 county area of North Carolina. Together we can make a difference! To learn more visit Thank you!

Published: Oct 11, 2017 12:00am