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protecting your assets
We Thought We had more time! By Julie Davis On July 30, 2010 the reality of procrastination crashed down in my life. My husband, Richard, was killed in a horrible accident at work. He was only 52. Neither one of us knew that Friday morning our kiss and hug goodbye would be our last. We thought we had more time. Despite the overwhelming grief of losing my husband of 25 years and leaving my 3 three children fatherless; the reality of our procrastination was only the beginning of a yearlong...
a family's special story
My husband and I already had a healthy girl who was 4 1/2 years old when we decided to try to have another child. After 3 unsuccessful years of trying to conceive, out of nowhere we got pregnant with our second child. Everything was going just fine with the pregnancy, so we decided to find out what the gender of the baby was through an ultrasound. My doctor was doing the ultrasound and seemed quiet and focused. She asked my husband to go out with my daughter and gave me the news that there were...
Courtney Bell’s Story
By Dayne Alexander Courtney Bell is a first year student at Appalachian State University, and it is clear that she loves being in college. She is very excited to be taking dance class, taking nutrition and hospitality management courses, attending football games, singing in the gospel choir, working on campus in Sanford Commons, and hanging out with all of her new friends. Courtney is very much your typical fun-loving college girl, but she is also the pilot student in ASU's Scholars with...


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